Find out who called you from Nevada Area Code 775 or 760142xxxx

The 775 area code includes Nevada cities Alamo, Battle Mountain, Carson City, Devil's Hole, Elko, Ely, Hawthorne, Mercury, Pahrump, Reno, Sparks, Spring Creek, Tonopah, Winnemucca.

Nearby area codes are 435, 530, 541, 702 and 760.
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775-100-xxxx    775-101-xxxx    775-102-xxxx    775-103-xxxx    775-104-xxxx    775-105-xxxx    
775-106-xxxx    775-107-xxxx    775-108-xxxx    775-109-xxxx    775-110-xxxx    775-111-xxxx    
775-112-xxxx    775-113-xxxx    775-114-xxxx    775-115-xxxx    775-116-xxxx    775-117-xxxx    
775-118-xxxx    775-119-xxxx    775-120-xxxx    775-121-xxxx    775-122-xxxx    775-123-xxxx    
775-124-xxxx    775-125-xxxx    775-126-xxxx    775-127-xxxx    775-128-xxxx    775-129-xxxx    
775-130-xxxx    775-131-xxxx    775-132-xxxx    775-133-xxxx    775-134-xxxx    775-135-xxxx    
775-136-xxxx    775-137-xxxx    775-138-xxxx    775-139-xxxx    775-140-xxxx    775-141-xxxx    
775-142-xxxx    775-143-xxxx    775-144-xxxx    775-145-xxxx    775-146-xxxx    775-147-xxxx    
775-148-xxxx    775-149-xxxx    775-150-xxxx    775-151-xxxx    775-152-xxxx    775-153-xxxx