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Are There Free Reverse Phone Searches?

Is there such a thing as a FREE reverse phone search?

You'll see "free phone lookups" advertised in various places online, but most are just no-cost directories of LANDLINE phone numbers-- NOT unlisted or cell phone number information.

That's because landline numbers are published very openly, and have been for a long time. Cell phone / mobile numbers are still largely private and not openly released by phone companies. To obtain owner information for cell phone numbers, you'll need to use a service like Reverse Phone Detective.

Reverse CELL phone directories are created manually by large companies who collect the information from various sources. The process of compiling and creating these databases is very expensive and time-consuming, which is why the information is sold rather than given away for free (we have to pay our bills too, you know!).

Even with landline numbers, many free phone directories like must pay high fees to maintain the accuracy of their landline databases. These costs are passed onto the consumer via banner advertising, pop-ups, etc.

Free Cell Phone Lookup - Your Options

Some free cell phone lookup websites exist, but they offer only limited information about a number. These sites "decode" cell phone numbers to help you determine the issuing location, carrier, and other publicly available information.

In general, you'll be able to find out whether the number belongs to a cell or a land line, what mobile service provides the number, and which city and state the cell phone number comes from without ever paying... but the actual name and address of the registered user of that cell phone number won't be available (unless you get extremely lucky).

A large number of sites have popped up on the Internet offering cell phone lookups for a fee. Considering the limitations of these services, the fees can be very steep. Some companies actually have tried to "skip" the process of building cell phone databases. These services just give you a list of services than sell these lookups and disappear when you ask for a refund.

That money will just disappear, and you'll be back to your search... so why not go "straight to the source" from the beginning?

Using A Real Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Database

Thankfully, you have options. Instead of paying NOTHING to get NOTHING (from free landline directories), or paying SOMETHING to get NOTHING (from the scam sites previously mentioned), you can conduct an instant phone lookup at

The results you'll get from are more comprehensive than any other free cell phone lookup services or the paid results from the competition - because they include not only the most up-to-date databases available, but also include enhanced people search results such as possible family members, neighbors, background check resources, and more.

In addition, gives customers free search assistance and is backed by a 100%, no-quibble, no-strings attached guaranteed. You're either satisfied or you're not-- and if you're not, then you don't pay. Period!

While free cell phone lookup services may be appropriate if you're only looking for very general information (like the phone issuing location), you won't find much information that will help you. If you're serious about determining who is calling you, then is the most cost-effective and informative source.

Run a reverse phone search now!

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